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Create your personal brand on LinkedIn

When someone talks about a brand what ticks in our mind is, their logo & person/people behind it. When we want to create a brand on LinkedIn we start from profile pages & company page. Your LinkedIn pages must be in sync with your goals & marketing strategies. We optimize your profile & make sure your profile stands as top tier among 364 million people using LinkedIn & your goals are easily visible. By increasing your profile visibility, your profile will be made easy to find to relevant audience. LinkedIn is a platform to showcase your product/service or skills in professional manner. Our optimization do just the same.

Meet new people & build professional relationships

Whether you are looking for a job, promoting your product/services, highlighting your skills or hunting for leads on LinkedIn; identifying your audience is crucial step. We understand your goals & present environment to search your ideal audience base & suggested you connections to add, so that you can focus on nurturing your relationships. Those who does not convert but follow you will help you to grow you as influencer. Right filtered audience means more result in less time. More the number of filtered leads, higher the profits.

Greet Personally

Great way to nurture your connection is greeting them on their important day with a personal message. Nobody likes inbox filled with automated default messages on their special day. Send them a personalised greeting. This can offer you a place at top of their mind.

Personalised mails increases your changes of conversion when crafted with details that matters to leads. According to statistics published by SmartrMail, marketers have noted up to 760% increase in revenue just from segmented campaigns over bulk newsletters.

Activate your old clients/contacts with Direct Messages. Acquiring new clients takes up to 5x cost and efforts than retaining old ones.

Enhance your credibility in your industry

By being an active member you can get much more from your LinkedIn groups. Groups are one of the best ways to convey your message to group of people sharing common interest. We post engaging & debateable content on your behalf on which other members can discuss. This will put you in limelight and displays your mastery over the subject. Drive the discussion and get more insights on your prospects & peers. This will not only help you to stay ahead of competition but also to find opportunities at early stage.

Be interesting

Posts ensures that you are engaging with your audience on regular basis. Publishing posts to stay top of their mind is a good strategy. But that is not enough. Publishing posts with interesting content & suggesting to an action, is what drives the audience to take an action. We will post interesting & engaging post on your behalf so that you can stay connected with the audience. We’ll suggest changes to you as per changes in audience behaviour.

We highly recommend you to share your thoughts on the current affairs in your industry & we’ll help you publish an engaging story out of it.

Visit & get visited

A feature which is highly ignore by many users is ‘Who viewed your profile?’ Like you have limit to add connections, viewing profiles has no limit. They’ll see you in their ‘Who viewed your profile?’ section & will visit your profile. When they’ll see content of their interest written in engaging manner, they’ll send you connection request or at least they’ll follow you. They might share some of your post/blogs posts that sounds interesting to them. This leads to further profile reach.

Sponsored Updates/ Ads

LinkedIn offers various marketing solutions. But we go only with sponsored content & Display ads. Sponsored content will show your posts to potential targets while display ads will add the visuals element that attract. Our team we go deeper to know which groups and demographics to target for these ads. Ads can used to promote your blog posts, offers, eBooks, guides, white papers, case studies that you have come up with or we’ve created for you.

Get more from campaigns with Integrated Analytics

Power of Google Analytics combined with your LinkedIn Marketing campaigns. This combination can offer valuable insights.  Analytics will reveal more information about target behaviour & their demographics. With this data we can optimise campaigns while they are running. This data of campaign results can become valuable resource for future campaigns as well.

Our Performance

  • 200% Increase in New Connects

  • 20 Qualified Leads Per Month

  • 300% Increase in Profile Views

  • 120 Avg.messages sent per month

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