Most LinkedIn Profiles Are Worthless Sales and Marketing Tools

LinkedIn is a social media platform that helps the buyers and sellers to reach their respective destination. In simpler words we can say that it is the platform for both job seekers and employers to engage with desired prospects. Unfortunately the use of medium is not harnessed appropriately by the members on this platform. Often […]


5 Ways to determine if a LinkedIn Group is Worth Joining

Do you know that the capacity of joining the LinkedIn group is doubled now? Earlier you could only join 50 groups but not the limit is extended to 100. What a beneficial move has been made! This signals you to spread the visibility of your profile to twice the number of groups that could earlier […]


You Don’t Need More Leads to Close More Sales

You Don’t Need More Leads to Close More Sales Sales are what every business is dependent on. More the sales, more is the profit. All of us know that a sales team work day and night to acquire new leads to convert them into sales. Does a sales team really need more leads to enhance […]

Years of experience don't differentiate. Be unique to grow fast.

Your experience and qualifications are not differentiators!

In your professional career, if you differentiate yourself from others uniquely then you are highly valued. However, having a great number of years as work experience, your qualifications and your role in the organization won’t count as a differentiator. This will only count for credibility as a sincere workman in the organization. Having extensive experience […]


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Which one is best for me?

If you have no idea what digital marketing is or you have an idea but not sure where to start then this article will help you to figure it out. Let’s first understand what is digital marketing? Those who know, consider this as revision or you could just skip this part & jump directly to […]