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How does it work?

Once you sign up, we'll get in touch with you to collect information & your preferences. As per your requirements & best industry practices, considering your competitors & market, our team of specialist will start their work. For posting related services, at the beginning our specialist will required your suggestion to know brand image & voice you Would like to establish.

TO be able to deliver the results, our team update their knowledge on continual basis about know-how of LinkedIn. This includes but not limited to changes in maximum daily searches limits, profile visit limits, connections request limits, and user behaviors algorithms.

Is there any language barrier?

Yes, right now services are available only for English language users.

Do you offer refund?

Yes. If you are satisfied with our services we'll our services we'll give you a full refund. Before we end our partnership, we'll ask you few question to about quality of service & reason for leaving. If you are happy with our services you can definitely share your secret with you friends and colleagues.

Is this service useful for me?

If you are job seeker, entrepreneur, solopreneur, sales personnel or senior executive who is busy & does not have time to manage LinkedIn or your existing practices are not yielding results; then yes we can help you out. When audience see you active on LinkedIn over the period, it helps you to create credibility for yourself/ your company.

What type of content you post?

We curate content that are engaging & shareable. Content includes text, image, designs, video, news, trivia and events. The content that your target love.

Can I share something?

It's your page. You can share whenever you want to. If you have something worth sharing, share it. Co-ordination may provide better results.

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